Senior Management & Engaged Search Services

Senior Management Search

Having the right leaders in place is essential to the success of any startup. Bennett Search has the industry knowledge, contacts and experience to help you fill your key executive positions including: VP/Director for Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Services, Engineering, Operations, Business Development.

Engaged Search

The front line of an organization is where the day to day service is delivered. It is also where the "make or break" decisions are made that form your customers' and the publics' perception of who you are as a company and whether or not you can be a trusted solution to their problems.

Who you have representing you at these critical decision points can mean the difference of whether or not a prospect does business with you and whether a current customer comes back.

Bennett Search applies the same dedication and proven process to an "Engaged Search" as we do to a Senior Management search. The value to you is that you can rest assured, knowing that you are getting a similar kind of service on these positions as you would on a fully retained search.

We have filled scores of positions such as: Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager, Pre/Post Sales Engineer.

The Proven Process

In order to keep our 100% success rate, Bennett Search only focuses on 2-3 projects at any given time. Once a project is accepted, we will rigorously follow our proven search process to present a short list of top candidates within a few weeks. Our mission is to successfully fill your positions as quickly as possible. We complete most V-level searches within 30 -60 days.

The Right Fit

We have learned that each industry, each company, and each team has its own unique set of challenges, opportunities, and culture. We have found that the right person for each situation will be more than just someone with the right experience and track record on paper. They must also be the right cultural fit. We customize our approach to each situation and conversation to read between the lines and extract the key nuances that will identify the best fit in all areas.

What Our Clients Say

"Hal is the best recruiter I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He reads people incredibly well, is a great listener, and extremely tenacious. Hal got me to talk to a company that I had no interest in because he was convinced that it would be a great fit. It turned out that he was right, and three weeks later I ended up joining that company. He clearly enjoys what he does and cares both about the candidate and his clients. I highly recommend Hal." — Joerg Rathenberg
VP Marketing, CloudPassage

"While VP of Marketing for Solera Networks, I hired Hal to fill an important Sr. Product Manager role. Hal really dug in, researched the space, scrutinized the candidates, and only sent through candidates that were a good fit for the role (including a willingness to relocate.) In the end he found us exactly the right right person for the role. Hal didn't fit the mold of many recruiters I've worked with in the past -- the stereotype is fast talking, sales-y, etc -- but his style is really effective. He is consultative and reassuring to candidates and can deliver quickly when required. I look forward to working with Hal again and can't recommend him highly enough." — Pete Schlampp
VP Marketing, Platfora

Bennett Search Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority: We work to ensure that your needs are met, and we stay on target.
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